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“Let’s face it, the subject of campaign finance is not always scintillating. But it’s incredibly important.”


In this heavily regulated sector, even a minor misstep can lead to significant risks, requiring costly corrections and potentially resulting in reputational damage along with negative media coverage. With five decades of experience, Huckaby Davis Lisker has unparalleled expertise with these complex regulations. Our clients can rest assured that their finances will be expertly managed and always in compliance.

A dedicated compliance team is essential to ensure adherence to relevant laws, regulations, and industry standards. The HDL team monitors and enforces internal policies, conducts risk assessments, and implements necessary procedures to prevent violations. We safeguard the organization’s reputation, mitigate risks, and avoid costly penalties. Additionally, the HDL Compliance Team provides expert guidance in navigating complex
regulatory landscapes, enabling the organization to focus on achieving its goals.

Huckaby Davis Lisker collaborates with you to deliver tailored financial and compliance solutions. We offer comprehensive plans which include serving as treasurer, committee set-up, all financial operations, record-keeping, and reporting. Alternatively, we also offer advisory support to your treasurer, providing pre-filing report reviews and acting as a valuable resource for your team. Each client has unique requirements, and we customize our services and fee structures to meet your needs.

Huckaby Davis Lisker provides political financial consulting and compliance services to:

  • Presidential, Senate and House Campaigns
  •  National and State Party Committees
  • All Political Action Committees including Leadership PACs and Corporate and Trade
    Association PACs
  • Independent Expenditure Committees and Hybrid PACs
  • Joint Fundraising Committees
  • Nonfederal Campaigns and Political Committees
  • 501c and Other Nonprofit Organizations

Huckaby Davis Lisker will provide you with a complete list of all requirements and a schedule of upcoming filing dates. For clients that elect full service, HDL prepares, reviews and completes all filings, ensuring timely compliance with every regulation.

In addition to full-service agreements, Huckaby Davis Lisker is available for consulting only arrangements. Please contact us for an initial consultation call.
Huckaby Davis Lisker offers retainers and hourly contracts. Most contracts cover the full election cycle and can be easily renewed. Contracts provide the ability for either party to terminate the agreement prior to end date with no penalty if the political committee ends operations or different arrangements are preferable. Please contact us for a proposal and our current rates.

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