Our Services

Huckaby Davis Lisker leads the field, setting the standard for FEC campaign compliance and political financial management. Our expertise encompasses a wide spectrum, and our services include comprehensive preparation and filing of all FEC and state reports, receipts and disbursement processing, internal financial reporting and budgeting, vendor relations, account administration, and payroll management.

As seasoned professionals, the Huckaby Davis Lisker team understands the complex nature of meeting the needs of political clients while complying with ever-changing regulations. We assure you that your finances will be meticulously managed and that all public disclosures will be filed on time and error free.

Political Financial Management

  • Acquisition of Federal Tax ID
  • Establish Bank Accounts/Obtain Credit/Debit cards
  • Streamlined Contribution Processing
  • Accounts Payable Administration
  • Comprehensive Budgeting
  • Regular Preparation of Financial Statements
  • Set-Up and Management of Online Fundraising Platforms
  • Oversight of Direct Mail Vendors
  • Engagement and Management of Payroll Company
  • 1120POL and 1099 Preparation and Filing

Federal Election Compliance

  • Preparation and Submission of Statement of Organization/Statement of Candidacy
  • Serve as Committee Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer and/or Custodian of Records
  • Preparation and Execution of Joint Fundraising Agreements
  • Comprehensive Receipt Review and Donor Follow-Up
  • Disbursement Verification Prior to Payment
  • Accurate and Timely Filing of FEC Public Disclosure Filings
  • Provide and Review Required Fundraising Disclaimers
  • Preparation and Timely Filing of 24 Hour and 48 Hour Notices
  • Preparation and Timely Filing of Lobby Disclosure Reports
  • Management of Interactions with the FEC, IRS and State Agencies

Non-Federal / Non-Profit Compliance

  • Accurate and Timely Filing of State/Local Campaign Finance Filings
  • IRS 990 Tax Return Preparation, Review, and Filing
  • IRS 8871/8872 reports for non-FEC Political Organizations
  • Management and Reporting for 501(c) Non-Profit Organizations
  • State Charitable Registration and Renewal Management
  • Preparation of Lobbying Disclosure Act (LDA) Reports
  • Preparation of Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA) Reports


  • Comprehensive Solutions: Guide Committees through Initial Set-Up, Ongoing Operations, and Close-Out
  • Provide Staff Training
  • Institute and Implement Operational Procedures
  • Establish Internal Controls
  • Conduct PAC Financial and Compliance Reviews for Corporations and Associations
  • Collaborate With a Network of General Consultants, Professional Fundraisers, Media
    and Digital Teams, and Legal Experts
  • Prepare and Present Financial Reports at Client Board of Director Meetings

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